Delivery Days and Times

Deliveries shall be by either inhouse courier, contracted courier, FedEx or UPS. Other carriers may be used from time to time.

Additionally, flowers may become delayed due to other non-controllable factors. These include:

a) carrier delays resulting from mechanical, weather, airport closure, logistical or other related external or internal forces;
b) incorrect shipping address entered at the time of order placement, or re-routing request made by the customer;
c) lack of recipient presence at the delivery address at the time of delivery;
d) customer change order request; and
e) other uncontrollable factors due to government, war, civil disorder, fire or acts of God

Please note that due to these uncontrollable factors, Maison La Fleur cannot guarantee delivery of flowers or other product on your scheduled delivery date. For further information on when to schedule your flowers, please contact a Maison La Fleur representative.


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