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Round White Collecion



Our Infinity Arrangements consist of real, everlasting Ecuadorian and Colombian roses that are available in a wide colour palette. At the time of their most beautiful flowering, they are carefully treated with a proprietary solution, which stops the growth of the rose in its most perfect state. The life span of these roses can last longer than one year if taken care of properly.

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black – round, black – square, white – round, white – square

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Almond Cream, Baby Pink, Bic-01, Bic-03, Bic-05, Bic-07, Bic-08, Bic-09, Bic-10, Bic-14, Bic-18, Bic-26, Bic-27, Bic-51, Bic-53, Bic-z, Bla-01, Bla-03, Bla-05, Black, Blu-01, Blu-02, Burgundy, Canary Yellow, Candy Rainbow, Cha-01, Cho-01, Cindrella Blue, Dark Red Pearl, Diamond, Flag, Flag USA, Flag-02, Glitter, Glitter Red, Gold, Gre-02, Gre-04, Gre-05, Gry-01, Hot Pink, Ivory, Lavender Pearl, Light Gold, Light Gold 2, Lilac, Lime Green, Madeleine Pink, Marine Blue, Mint Green, Ora-02, Ora-03, Orange, Pastel Yellow, Pea-01, Peach, Pin-02, Pin-03, Pin-04, Pin-05, Pin-07, Pink Champagne, Pink Framboise, Pink Nectar, Prarie Green, Pride, Princess White, Pur-01, Pur-02, Rainbow, Red, Red-01, Red-02, Rosewine, Saffron Yellow, Sand Beige, Sapphire Blue, Silver, Silver Blue, Silver Deep Purple, Silver Green, Silver Lavender, Silver Light Blue, Silver Old Pink, Silver Pink, Sky Blue, Sky Blue Pearl, Steel, Tofee Pearl, Vio-01, Vio-02, Vio-03, Violet, Whi-01, Whi-04, White Pearl, Yel-01, Yel-02, Yel-04


– We provide same day delivery if we receive order before 2 p.m (Monday- Saturday). Our delivery period is in between 10.00am to 6.00pm (Monday-Saturday).
– For orders received after 2 p.m (Monday-Saturday) will be arrange to deliver on next day or the date you requested.
– However for any urgent delivery, customer always welcome to call us and we will try to arrange the delivery if possible.
– We are closed on Sunday. Hence, orders received on Saturday, or on Sundays, will be made the following Monday.


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Princess White Princess White Ivory Ivory Burgundy Burgundy Hot Pink Hot Pink Lilac Lilac Mint Green Mint Green Orange Orange Rainbow Rainbow Red Red Silver Silver Almond Cream Almond Cream Canary Yellow Canary Yellow Baby Pink Baby Pink Candy Rainbow Candy Rainbow Bic-01 Bic-01 Bic-03 Bic-03 Bic-05 Bic-05 Bic-07 Bic-07 Bic-08 Bic-08 Bic-09 Bic-09 Bic-10 Bic-10 Bic-14 Bic-14 Bic-18 Bic-18 Bic-26 Bic-26 Bic-27 Bic-27 Bic-51 Bic-51 Bic-53 Bic-53 Bic-z Bic-z Bla-01 Bla-01 Bla-03 Bla-03 Bla-05 Bla-05 Blu-01 Blu-01 Blu-02 Blu-02 Cha-01 Clu-01 Cho-01 Cho-01 Gre-02 Gre-02 Gre-04 Gre-04 Gre-05 Gre-05 Gry-01 Gry-01 Cindrella Blue Cindrella Blue Dark Red Pearl Dark Red Pearl Diamond Diamond Flag Flag Flag USA Flag USA Flag-02 Flag-02 Glitter Glitter Glitter Red Glitter Red Gold Gold Lavender Pearl Lavender Pearl Light Gold Light Gold Light Gold 2 Light Gold-2 Lime Green Lime Green Madeleine Pink Madeleine Pink Marine Blue Marine Blue Pastel Yellow Pastel Yellow Peach Peach Ora-02 Ora-02 Ora-03 Ora-03 Pea-01 Pea-01 Pin-02 Pin-02 Pin-03 Pin-03 Pin-04 Pin-04 Pin-05 Pin-05 Pin-07 Pin-07 Pink Champagne Pink Champagne Pink Framboise Pink Framboise Pink Nectar Pink Nectar Prarie Green Prarie Green Pride Pride Pur-01 Pur-01 Pur-02 Pur-02 Red-01 Red-01 Red-02 Red-02 Saffron Yellow Saffron Yellow Sand Beige Sand Beige Sapphire Blue Sapphire Blue Silver Blue Silver Blue Silver Deep Purple Silver Silver Green Silver Green Silver Lavender Silver Lavender Silver Light Blue Silver Light Blue Silver Old Pink Silver Old Pink Silver Pink Silver Pink Sky Blue Sky Blue Sky Blue Pearl Sky Blue Pearl Steel Steel Violet Violet Tofee Pearl Tofee Pearl Rosewine Rosewine White Pearl White Pearl Vio-01 Vio-01 Vio-02 Vio-02 Vio-03 Vio-03 Whi-01 Whi-01 Whi-04 Whi-04 Yel-01 Yel-01 Yel-02 Yel-02 Yel-04 Yel-04
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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy flowers which is pretty much the same thing

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