How To Care For Flowers From Maison La Fleur

It is always pleasant to receive or give beautiful flowers, but not everyone knows how to take care of flowers so that they retain their appearance longer. When buying flowers, you probably want to prolong the pleasure of admiring them for a long time. So, follow the practical steps below:

Preserved flower care instructions

  • NO water. Protect your preserved flowers from moisture. Water should not get into either the petals or the box. If you bought a box with preserved flowers at MaisonLaFleur, then you do not need to worry about packaging. We have thought of everything.
  • DO NOT place flowers with high humidity in rooms (pools, baths, saunas, bathrooms). 60-80% humidity is optimal for such special colors.
  • NO direct sunlight. The flower can lose its bright color and fade a little. Also, direct sunlight accelerates the drying process of the flower. The temperature range is allowed from +5 to + 35 ° С.
  • Transport preserved flowers in a package. This allows you to protect the plant from damage, sudden changes in temperature, frostbite of the petals at temperatures below zero.

Flower arrangement care instructions

  • DO NOT pull flowers out of a box with a special oasis floral foam to keep them fresh.
  • WATER the flower arrangement, namely an oasis floral foam, every day. Perhaps even twice a day, if the room is dry and hot, or, conversely, less often – if the conditions are humid and cool. The water should be settled at room temperature, as for ordinary bouquets.
  • SPRAY the flower arrangement with water, washing off the dust from the leaves, but DO NOT allow water to get on the flower buds themselves.
  • AVOID direct sunlight, drafts, and freezer or very hot rooms, especially with heating appliances inside.

Flower bouquet care instructions

  • PLACE the bouquet in a container of water. The vase should have enough clean, fresh, room temperature water (approximately one third of the stem in water).
  • CUT the flowers with a desiccator or a sharp knife at a 45 ° C angle and place them in the water right away to keep the flowers standing longer.
  • POUR fresh water into the vase once a day, or it is better to completely change the water.
  • DO NOT place the bouquet near a radiator, under an air conditioner, or on a windowsill. Flowers do not like heat, draft or cold, as well as direct sun. 

The MaisonLaFleur team carefully monitors the freshness and quality of our flowers. We wish them to delight the recipient as long as possible!

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