Return Policy

Additional Charges and/or Refunds


Please verify the delivery address provided. If your address is incomplete, incorrect, or needs to be re-routed while in transit, you will be assessed an additional fee. The fee is determined by the carrier dependent upon the carrier, number of boxes, distance to new destination, and service. A representative will obtain the re-route fee from the carrier and advise you accordingly.

Charges and Refunds for Substitutions: In the event that a flower variety becomes unavailable, Maison La Fleur will offer a substitution for your order. The substitution offered will be for equal or greater value than the amount paid. However, if client requests a substitution that is significantly higher in value than the product ordered, Maison La Fleur will charge the difference in price.

Change and Cancellation Policy

Order changes must be made within 24 hours of order placement. Order changes will be made subject to product availability and returns cannot be honored should the product you desire is unavailable.

Order Cancellations must be made within 24 hours of order placement All cancellations must be submitted in writing via email. An email acknowledging cancellation will be sent to confirm cancellation. Rush Orders unfortunately cannot be canceled as orders are immediately processed. Cancelation fees apply to cover credit card processing fees and processing overhead.

Delivery Refusals at the time of delivery cannot be honored and therefore a refund cannot be made. This applies to deliveries made on the customer’s scheduled delivery date, or 1 business day before or after that date (please see policy above discussing Delivery Days and Times). Any delivery refusal made by the customer will still result in an assessment of the order price. All customer purchases represent custom orders for fresh cut flowers that are purposely harvested and shipped directly from the producer. This policy is consistent with policies surrounding order cancellations which cannot be honored when orders are canceled in less than 10 days.

Claims, Credit and Refund Policy

While product issues are rare, should you experience a problem with your order at the time of delivery, you are required to contact Maison La Fleur on the same day of delivery of your flowers at +18884882214 or by emailing

If your delivery occurs after-hours, contact can be made via email and/or voicemail. A return phone number must be provided to facilitate contact.

Maison La Fleur is not responsible for problems occurring during shipping from our location to your location, including late deliveries caused by weather or acts of God. If there is a delivery issue, claims must be submitted with the carrier. While we will try to act in your behalf so these companies will help you process your claim, Maison La Fleur is not responsible for any shipping related claims and whatever resolution are what the shipping companies provide, are what is going to be honored for issues with product while in transit.

While Maison La Fleur guarantees against product freshness or defect upon delivery, flower performance is not subsequently warranted. Therefore, growth of flowers or open blooms cannot be guaranteed within a stated period of time due to uncontrollable factors such as care and handling and ambient temperature following delivery, breed characteristics and Mother Nature. Customer is responsible for familiarity with wholesale fresh cut flowers, foliage and other floral goods, as well as their proper use. Maison La Fleur is not responsible if you, the recipient, mishandles the flowers, does not hydrate them upon arrival, or does not follow proper care and handling. If you have any questions regarding proper use of our products, please contact Maison La Fleur.

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